vertical agreements of the category defined in this Regulation can improve economic efficiency within a distribution or production chain by facilitating better coordination between the parties; in particular, they can lead to lower transaction and distribution costs for the parties and to the optimization of their sales and investment levels. [l] [xxxvi]Avtar Singh, “Competition Law: Prohibition of certain agreements,”21, (1st, 2012). Indian competition law regulates the relationship between suppliers and their distributors. In addition to the aforementioned restrictions and rules, competition laws prohibit the following agreements: Foreign companies or suppliers may apply to local courts (competent jurisdiction) in India, except in the case of dispute resolution or settlement proceedings. If the dispute resolution mechanism is agreed by the parties as an arbitration procedure, the parties can only apply to the Indian court for limited purposes, such as interim measures, etc. This right also depends on the agreement between the parties, since under Indian arbitration law, the possibility of a provisional action by an Indian court is a matter of agreement. Foreign companies can expect fair treatment, and court decisions are free of bias. Because Indian court proceedings can be cumbersome, costly and time-consuming, parties often agree to an arbitration process to resolve their disputes. However, a law has recently been passed concerning specific Indian commercial courts that requires the settlement of disputes by commercial courts over time. Therefore, the pros and cons of court proceedings and arbitration proceedings should be assessed on the facts of each case before deciding on the appropriate dispute resolution procedure. Are there circumstances in which a merchant or worker would be treated as an employee of the supplier and what are the consequences? How can a supplier protect itself from possible violations of labour and labour law by its distributors? Will your jurisdiction impose a provision in the distribution contract prohibiting the transfer of distribution rights to the supplier`s products, in whole or in part of the ownership of the distributor or agent or the activity of the distributor or agent to a third party? The concept of “commercial restriction” is very much known in the common law and in contract law.